This chapter contains links to statements and official documents issued jointly by the three governments related to the AUKUS partnership. Together they represent the coordinated public face of this partnership. Where the same joint statements or documents were simultaneously published by the different AUKUS governments, we have included just one instance of the statement or document to avoid unnecessary duplication. 

The statements linked below represent both trilateral as well as bilateral partnership announcements and include the initial announcement of AUKUS in September 2021, subsequent anniversary announcements, the release of the AUKUS “Optimal Pathway” in March 2023, the official State visit of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to the United States in October 2023, and AUKUS Defence Ministerial updates. The last joint statement of 2023 includes several noteworthy updates, including announcing the launch of a series of AUKUS “innovation challenges” in 2024 and the creation of an AUKUS Advanced Capabilities Industry Forum and AUKUS Defense Investors Network.