Welcome to the online version of the AUKUS Briefing Book. The purpose of this briefing book is to provide the greater national security community and the public with a resource to better understand the AUKUS partnership and its many initiatives and lines of effort. This is our second edition and has been updated to reflect developments from the announcement of AUKUS in September 2021 through mid-December 2023.

The briefing book is organized and presented to serve both novices and experienced scholar-practitioners. For the individual who is unfamiliar with the AUKUS partnership, the executive summary and other initial sections contain the most basic, essential, and important information and analysis. For the more experienced scholar or national security practitioner, later chapters serve as a comprehensive resource containing links to official primary source documents, foundational texts, and various critical analyses and related research.

As the AUKUS partnership grows and matures, we expect to update the briefing book regularly (at least annually). To make this resource more valuable, Security and Defence PLuS needs your feedback. If you have a recommendation or constructive criticism to help us improve the next version, or take issue with the accuracy of any content, please email us at [email protected].