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Dr Sarah Tzinieris: Implications of Advanced Capabilities Within the AUKUS Pact on Deterrence

24 April, 2024

Yesterday, RUSI published an article by Security & Defence PLuS Research Fellow, Dr Sarah Tzinieris, as part of the Nuclear Reactions collection curated by the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI): Implications of Advanced Capabilities Within the AUKUS Pact on Deterrence.

The article argues that while the AUKUS pact has garnered attention primarily for its Pillar I, focusing on nuclear-powered submarines, the development of advanced capabilities under Pillar II may have more immediate and significant implications for strengthening the AUKUS partners’ military capabilities and contributing to deterrence.

“Advanced technology capabilities will be decisive in determining which states maintain the upper hand at this time of strategic competition.”

However, despite the advantages conferred by working in the AUKUS framework, there remains major challenges for the partners around opening up access to sensitive technology development, defining the pact’s deterrence value, and managing potential deterrence misperceptions.  

Click to read the full piece on RUSI’s website.