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November 29, 2023

The Pacific Rim Strategic Policy Conference


Autonomous technologies (including lethal autonomous weapons, AI-based control and decision-making systems, and self-piloting/self-driving vehicles) are changing or can possibly change the composition, doctrine, and strategic posture of the military forces deployed in the Indo-Pacific. The Pacific Rim Strategic Policy Conference is concerned with the diffusion of these technologies among states, non-state, and inter-state actors and its implications for security & defence in the region. Speakers will discuss how the specificity of military cultures, innovation ecosystems, and even ethnic and religious traditions may determine different attitudes, perceptions, and expectations toward autonomous technologies, thus shaping the allied forces’ capability to achieve full interoperability through technological cooperation. Comprehending cultural diversity is crucial, from a strategic policy perspective, as it impacts the degree to which technological innovation is embraced or resisted and thus determines the effectiveness of autonomous systems across strategic, operational and tactical levels.