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New Article Explores India’s Reaction to AUKUS

4 January, 2024

A new article published in The Washington Quarterly and co-authored by Drs. Sarah Tzinieris and Rishika Chauhan, post-doctoral researchers at King’s College London, and Eirini Athanasiadou compares and analyses India’s attitudes towards two “minilateral” frameworks in the Indo-Pacific region: the Quad and AUKUS.

In “India’s A La Carte Minilateralism: AUKUS and the Quad,” the authors assess that “Washington and its AUKUS partners cannot assume Delhi’s long-term tacit support for AUKUS, or even the Quad,” as India continues to assume “a greater role as regional legitimizer, networker and bridge builder” and becomes “increasingly confident that it can help set the rules that favor its rise, especially in the Indian Ocean region.”

Check out these and other insights in the full article here!

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