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New Online Space Short Courses at ASU: Satellite Operations and SciTech Space Leadership

19 April, 2024

We are excited to feature two new space-focused online short courses as part of Security & Defence PLuS’ educational offerings: Introduction to Satellite Operations and SciTech Space Leadership.

Developed by Arizona State University’s (ASU) Interplanetary Initiative and Qwaltec, Introduction to Satellite Operations provides a foundational understanding for aspiring aerospace professionals. In this beginner-friendly course, learners gain insight into satellite systems and operational phases and will have a well-rounded knowledge base to advance their understanding of satellite operations. A short teaser course is also available for just $10.  The SciTech Space Leadership program is designed by ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative for aerospace scientists and engineers ready to step into new roles and effectively lead space missions and projects. 

At Security & Defence PLuS, we’re building a portfolio of educational offerings including short courses, executive education, and advanced degrees using curriculum from all three partner universities: Arizona State University, King’s College London, and the University of New South Wales. View the full list of short courses offerings on the Learn With Us page on our website.