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Security & Defence PLuS Podcast Launched

16 April, 2023

The Security & Defence PLuS Advancing AUKUS podcast features a collection of the world’s leading defence, technology, industry and geopolitical experts, who all share their insights and opinions on the AUKUS alliance.

The Advancing AUKUS podcast delves deep into the challenges and opportunities that come with the AUKUS alliance and includes discussions with leaders and experts on the topics that will shape our defence landscape in the years ahead. Topics like cybersecurity, political relationships, workforce opportunities and challenges, and nuclear submarines are all covered.

Across the 13 podcast epidoses some of the guests to join our host, Andrew Blyth on Advancing AUKUS include:

  • Scott Morrison, Australia’s 30th Prime Minister, who discusses the origins of AUKUS and what he thinks the future holds for the alliance.
  • Dr Sally Burt, from UNSW Canberra Cyber, talks about China’s and Russia’s growing cyber power, and how there is a need for a focused effort by like-minded states to prevent the development of that capability and to develop counter-capabilities.
  • Innes Willox, the CEO of Ai Group, who talks about his four point plan to integrate commercial technologies to solve warfighting needs and how we need to mobilise to meet the projected workforce challenges ahead.
  • Peter Jennings, Professor of Practice at UNSW, who states that AUKUS presents the chance to revitalise how business is conducted by Defence, once and for all and that now is the time to make bold decisions.
  • Vice Admiral (Retired) Professor Paul Maddison, from UNSW’s Defence Research Institute, who shares his wealth of knowledge unpacking the three C’s keeping him up at night: the China Challenge, Climate Change, and the Consequential Decade.

Listen now to Episode One: Hon Scott Morrison, Former Australian Prime Minister:

About the Host: Andrew Blyth was manager of the John Howard Prime Ministerial Library and Exhibition (2016 –2023, Australia). He was a chief of staff in the Australian Howard Government. He holds qualifications in government, business and international relations and is currently undertaking a doctorate at UNSW Canberra (Australia). In 2012 he was awarded a Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Australia-US Alliance Studies to conduct research at the University of Texas at Austin. He is editor of John Howard: From the Pavilion – Shaping the Ascent to Power (2023).