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Security & Defence PLuS launches brand refresh

19 March, 2024

Security & Defence PLuS is proud to announce its refreshed brand under the leadership of Dr Ian Langford, who assumed the role of Executive Director in January. As a key part of this strategic initiative, we have updated our mission and vision statements, resulting in an exciting brand evolution. 

Our Mission

Security & Defence PLuS will deliver transformative, strategically impactful partnership, education, and applied research outcomes that support the shared security and defence priorities of the governments of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, their armed forces, defence industries, as well as other allies and partners.

Our Vision

To establish Security & Defence PLuS as the “go-to” institution supporting AUKUS and other related security and defence challenges. Security & Defence PLuS will create an innovative network of relationships amongst universities, governments, and defence-related industries. Recognised and trusted, it will accelerate deeper collaboration amongst all parties and foster an unparalleled innovation and problem-solving culture.

Our Brand

Security & Defence PLuS is proud to unveil our refreshed branding and logo. The revamped logo not only enhances our visual identity but also showcases the connection to our three partner universities: Arizona State University, King’s College London, and the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The design work for this project was expertly executed by Visual Metrics.