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Zeno Leoni

Dr Zeno Leoni is a Lecturer in Defence Studies at King’s College London, where he has a joint appointment at the Defence Studies Department (based within the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom) and the Lau China Institute. He teaches high-ranked officers in addition to delivering online courses to non-military students from all over the world. Dr Leoni completed his PhD in International Political Economy at King’s College London in 2018, with a thesis on Obama’s pivot to the Asia-Pacific. He is an expert in US-China relations, world order and grand strategy. He published a monograph titled American Grand Strategy from Obama to Trump: Imperialism After Bush and China’s Hegemonic Challenge (2021), while his short book Grand Strategy and the Rise of China: Made in America (2023) was released in March. He is currently working on a second monograph on the New Cold War. Dr Leoni engages policy-makers in both Italy and the UK. He contributed to the document Future Trends 2040+ of the Italian Chief of Defence Staff and provides academic advice to different branches of UK government. He has provided remarks on media such as BBC News, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Financial Times, among others.

To Exclude or Not to Exclude: AUKUS and Order-Engineering

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Introduction While the delivery aspect of AUKUS – that is of nuclear-propelled submarines and advanced technological capabilities – continues to...